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In the December of 1948, Mr. Ferenc Siklós, senior officer of the Hungarian Ministry of Heavy Industry has called together the most respected leaders of the Hungarian construction materials industry to discuss the conditions of possibilities of the industry, being rather out of date at that time. As a result, the Scientific Society of the Construction Materials Industry was officially formed in 27 January 1949, and the journal Építőanyag has been released. The journal has been started as a scientific forum.

Launching of a national scientific journal would have needed a calm and peaceful country and the background support of the stable industry. None of these were available in 1949, just years after the WWII that was almost an ultimate havoc for the continent. Organized construction materials industry or integrated control over the industry was not set in Hungary.

It was difficult to decide during those hard times that scientific or practical information would be of more interest in a new technical journal. Rehabilitation of the country’s built environment and the immediate starting of the production of the industry were above all purposes. First issue of the journal Építőanyag demonstrated that the management of the Society has called the country’s attention to the restoration and prompt starting of the production of the industry as intensively as possible – by the advantages of the modern techniques.

Number of the printed issues was a couple of hundreds in the beginning but was increased over thousand soon and finally reached two thousand. During the last more than 65 years the number of the published scientific papers exceeded 3000 in the journal Építőanyag. Former Editor-in-Chiefs are Mr. Jenő Becz, Mr. Ádám Székely, Mrs. Lászlóné Wojnárovits, Mrs. Réka Tóth-Asztalos and Mr. Adorján Borosnyói.

Recently the appearance of the journal has been renewed and majority of the published papers is provided in English. As the latest development, the online platform of the journal has been set up to offer an international availability.

Most important aim of the Editorial Board is that readers of Építőanyag – Journal of Silicate Based and Composite Materials can get high value, state-of-the-art scientific and technical papers from the national and international industrial and research community and to further promote and foster the professional development of the engineers working in the construction materials industry and most of all in the silicate industry.

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